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Some scholars identify these remains as those of Smenkhkare , who seems to have been coregent with Akhenaton in the final years of his reign; others have suggested the mummy may be Akhenaton himself.

Tutankhamun - King, Tomb & Facts - HISTORY

By his third regnal year Tutankhaten had abandoned Tell el-Amarna and moved his residence to Memphis , the administrative capital, near modern Cairo. He changed his name to Tutankhamun and issued a decree restoring the temples, images, personnel, and privileges of the old gods.

In addition to a palace built at Karnak and a memorial temple in western Thebes , both now largely vanished, the chief extant monument of Tutankhamun is the Colonnade of the Temple of Luxor , which he decorated with reliefs depicting the Opet festival, an annual rite of renewal involving the king, the three chief deities of Karnak Amon, Mut , and Khons , and the local form of Amon at Luxor.

Tutankhamun unexpectedly died in his 19th year. In scientists found traces of malaria parasite s in his mummified remains and posited that malaria in combination with degenerative bone disease may have been the cause of death.

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Whatever the case, he died without designating an heir and was succeeded by Ay. He was buried in a small tomb hastily converted for his use in the Valley of the Kings his intended sepulchre was probably taken over by Ay.

Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered

Like other rulers associated with the Amarna period—Akhenaton, Smenkhkare, and Ay—he was to suffer the posthumous fate of having his name stricken from later king lists and his monuments usurped, primarily by his former general, Horemheb, who subsequently became king. The tomb was preserved until a systematic search of the Valley of the Kings by the English archaeologist Howard Carter revealed its location in The coffins and stone sarcophagus were surrounded by four text-covered shrines of hammered gold over wood, which practically filled the burial chamber.

The other rooms were crammed with furniture , statuary, clothes, chariot s, weapon s, staffs, and numerous other objects. According to the most important document of Tutankhamun's reign, the Restoration Stele, his father's supposed reforms left the country in a bad state. Consequently the traditional gods, seeing their temples in ruins and their cults abolished, had abandoned Egypt to chaos.

Tutankhamun’s tomb (innermost coffin and death mask)

When Tutankhamun came to the throne, his administration restored the old religion and moved the capital from Akhetaten back to its traditional home at Memphis. He changed his name from Tutankhaten - 'living image of Aten [the sun god]' - to Tutankhamun, in honour of Amun. His queen, Ankhesenpaaten, the third daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, also changed the name on her throne to read Ankhesenamun.

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  • Although the reign of Tutankhamun is often thought to have little historical importance, his monuments tell a different story. He began repairing the damage inflicted upon the temples of Amun during Akhenaten's iconoclastic reign.

    Conserved glories of Egypt's ancient Tutankhamun tomb revealed

    He constructed his tomb in the Valley of the Kings, near that of Amenophis III, and one colossal statue still survives of the mortuary temple he began to build at Medinet Habu. They agreed, and it was decided that an expert trumpeter would help sound the trumpets for the first time in 3, years.

    The Curse of Tutankhamun (Documentary)

    It would be an historic radio broadcast In a final attempt to play the instrument, the musician placed a modern mouthpiece on the end, put the instrument to his lips, and it shattered. James Tappern of the British Army took his place, and they tried again in a second broadcast. On a Spring day in , some million listeners tuned in to hear the trumpet sound, live from the Egyptian Museum.

    The next time the silver trumpet sounded was in , just prior to the Six-Day War between Egypt and Israel. When it was played again in , its sounding was followed by the outbreak of the Gulf War.