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We called the project Stories from Ireland and they can be individually downloaded as mp3s from www. Stories begin for me with an idea or a feeling.

Waves of Poetry

I have a folder with story ideas and I dip into that and write a draft. Others are with me for years and go through a good many drafts and rewrites. Stories rarely let me give up on them and they haunt me until they see the light of day. When I came to the US I was able to get by writing features for Irish American publications and getting the occasional well paid piece in national publications and in-flight magazines.

Nowadays I teach at UC Berkeley and that has made life easier.

My best lesson: using psychic powers and deduction to analyse poetry

My second collection Out of the Blue was first published in the US and has stories that crisscross from Ireland to America as well as a few experimental works. I wrote a novel called Heads in and published it for Kindle and iPad. It is a comic disaster set in the fringes of the Irish American scene in San Francisco. The parish priest declares a jihad on him and Jazz goes underground. Much as he tries to purify his karma with the priest, things just go from bad to worse. In The Poet, The Psychic and The Knave the worlds of three offbeat characters collide through poetry, tarot cards and credit cards.

Depending on my teaching schedule at Berkeley, every year I spend four to five months in Ireland.

During the Celtic Tiger years I wrote several stories there. Several of the stories were published in literary journals and magazines and so I decided to put thirteen of them together as Quare Hawks. The collection was first published for Kindle and iPad and is now available in paperback. The Quare Hawks are weird and unpredictable characters.

Card Combinations

Bobogue is a love starved lady poet, who falls for a married man. Malcolm is a cross-dresser who loves flowers and is afraid of cops. The stories are varied and range in length and themes.

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Some are in a traditional setting and others combine Irish magic realism with the everyday. They all have a sense of place and style in the best Irish writing tradition. The final story is about an American shrink who moves to Ireland and attends to the Irish and more. Both heartbreaking and hilarious, and hopeful and despairing. Eddie Stack has a way of making you laugh and cry at the same time.

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A brilliant collection from a great Irish storyteller. His works, often set in the West of Ireland, are beautifully written and a great pleasure to read. There are 13 excellent stories in Quare Hawks. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good story, especially one set in the West of Ireland. Eddie Stack work is available from your local indie bookstore, www. At least I didn't choose it as my wedding song. My father strongly prefers Johnny Mathis to U2. GardenTart Elevated Posts: 4, Little and little they robbed and stole I was watching a Friends' episode last night - where Ross and Emily were first dating.

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The Poet, the Psychic and the Knave

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