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We are constantly reading new and classic space books to find our favorite takes on the universe. How do we understand a transformative event like the Apollo missions to the moon? Many present it as proof of American ingenuity and success, but there's much more to the story. In "Apollo's Legacy: Perspectives on the Moon Landings," space historian Roger Launiuis probes the impacts Apollo had technologically, scientifically and politically, as well as analyzing what we can draw from it to understand the country's modern space program. The slim volume is written as a scholarly text, but it's accessible to anybody with an interest in space history and the circumstances that spawned Apollo.

In this new book, Hecht explores the influence of these ficticious lasers as well as the reality of laser weapons today and how they have developed over time. From failed experiments to lasers built to be as large as airplanes, the development of laser weapons has been one strange journey that Hecht explains in captivating detail. Are you interested in going to space? With companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin getting ready to start launching tourists on suborbital flights — and SpaceX planning to send people to the moon and Mars — your dreams may soon be within reach.

But before you board a rocket or space plane and wave goodbye to planet Earth, there are some things you need to know about being in space. Whether you're planning a short space vacation or embarking on a one-way trip to the Red Planet, "How to Live in Space" by Colin Stuart has all the important details. This comprehensive handbook covers everything from eating, sleeping and using the toilet in "zero-g" to instructions for how to build a moon base, mine asteroids and terraform Mars.

Wherever your space adventures may take you, this guide can help you make the most of your out-of-this-world experience. Nevala-Lee's fascinating new book "Astounding" follows four titans of the golden age of science fiction who guided the genre during its formative years: Astounding Science Fiction magazine editor John Campbell and authors Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and L.

Ron Hubbard. The book chronicles how, with their influence, science fiction evolved from adventure stories in space to serious predictors and influencers on the modern world, as well as the beginning development of fan culture, which was surprisingly similar to today's, and their ideas' influences on society as a whole particularly, a long fascinating look into early Scientology.

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Nevala-Lee's portrayal of the four is complex, and gives them their due without shying away from the less savory parts of their natures and reputations. He read hundreds of stories from the annals of science fiction history, as well as reams of letters by and to the story's main figures, and that deep research shows. Launius follows humankind's journey to spaceflight.

From looking up at the stars with sheer wonderment to sending astronauts to the moon and launching satellites to the far reaches of the galaxy, Launius illustrates the cutting-edge advancements made in astronomy and space science. His account of space flight history reminds readers that almost anything humans have envisioned, they've accomplished. The mission wasn't easy to get approved and seemed to face obstacles at every turn before finally making it to launch day, and its troubles weren't over then. But somehow it managed to deliver breathtaking views of the distant dwarf planet that revolutionized how we thought about the solar system and the planets that inhabit it.

Stern and Grinspoon's narrative delivers an in-depth view of how to design a space mission, shepherd it through the hurdles of approval and design, and send it toward the unknown when you have just one shot to get it right. In honor of its 50th anniversary, " A Space Odyssey" chronicler Michael Benson digs deep into the making of the iconic film, profiling the writer Arthur C. Clarke, the director Stanley Kubrick and the nuances of their partnership to create the "proverbial 'really good' science fiction movie. By focusing on letters and written text — including Kubrick's handwritten, pre-publication edits on feature pieces and interviews about the making of the film — Benson is able to give a particularly personality-driven view of the filmmaking process.

The techniques and decisions that lead to the movie are there, but they're always in the context of the people and circumstances that created them. And there's plenty of behind-the-scenes drama to go along with meditations on the film's legacy. But the thrust of the book is the development of Florida's Space Coast; the area has transformed from a space shuttle port to a commercial spaceflight hub in less than a decade, Pappalardo argues. Sometimes Pappalardo's history reads more like a diary of his adventures to the various spaceports across the United States and select world locations.

He does, however, provide a snapshot of how commercial spaceflight affects everybody — the launches don't just impact the companies involved, but also decisions ranging from legal matters to zoning. This book provides good context for those interested in commercial spaceflight, including the forthcoming crewed launches that are expected to take place in the next few years.


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