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September New Releases. August New Releases. July New Releases. Enter your email to subscribe:. Delivered by FeedBurner. Home of the Alpha Showdown, and one-stop shop for urban fantasy, paranormal romance and fantasy news and reviews. Delores says:. January 12, at pm. Her jasmine scent twined around him, making him dizzy for a moment. The feel of her warm breath on his skin made the ache between his legs impossibly painful.

Reaching out his other arm, he pulled her completely against him. But he needed to get her home. Sighing, he fished out the car keys from her purse and handed them to his packmate. She might not be in shock, but she was shaken up pretty bad. He found it interesting that instead of moving into the free passenger seat, she stayed where she was, in the middle seat. If anything, she actually moved a little closer toward him. December might not even realize it, but her most primal side trusted him.

Her desire to be near him proved it. That knowledge soothed his inner wolf. And he would protect her. No matter the cost. He gripped the wheel tighter. Convince her to move to the ranch with him. Temporarily at least. That was the plan anyway. He stole a quick glance at her. He was staying with her. Someone broke into your house a few weeks ago, then someone tried to kidnap you outside your store a week ago, and now some psycho tried to stab you with God knows what.

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Liam snorted at her words. All it had taken to get that information was a broken thumb. Their involvement could scare the extremists into going underground. They wanted to stop the APL before their influence grew and before they hurt anyone else. And they planned to do it their way.

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Humans and government agencies had too many rules and regulations. As they pulled into her drive, another thought occurred to him. When their fingers brushed, he cursed himself for the shock that went through him. They barely touched and his entire body reacted.

For a moment he thought she might argue, but she finally nodded. The second he stepped inside, he was accosted by her soft jasmine scent.

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It always subtly lingered on her and in her house it was more potent. Probably not to humans, but with his heightened senses it almost enveloped him with its purity.

Most of the rooms had pale earth tones. Soothing and soft, like her. After the attempted kidnapping at her store Liam had tried to convince her to let him have an alarm installed there and at her house. Even her brother, who basically detested him, had agreed.

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But December was stubborn. Especially not when he knew he was right. December might not have accepted that she was his intended mate, but he knew it with every fiber inside him. Not all shifters recognized their intended mates right away, but Armstrongs usually did. Just like his brother had recognized Ana as his other half. If only Liam could figure out a smoother approach with December. And he wanted to change that. He might look like he was in his early thirties, but he was over a century old.

In all that time Liam and his brother had lived apart from humans. They intermingled with them for business purposes, and as of twenty years ago humans had learned of their existence, thanks to the decision of his Council and a few other shifter Councils around the world. When he wanted something, his wolf side threatened to take over.

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The battle between beast and man sometimes seemed never ending. Like a switch flipping, he went from friendly to hostile in an instant. What the hell is going on? Is she okay? From what I can tell, she got him to run off the road and she escaped. I found her running down the highway. I wanted to make sure she got home safe, and hell, someone needs to protect her. After that bullshit with Dr. Graham and those assholes who tried to attack Ana, I just want to make sure December is safe.

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Since his brother and Alpha, Connor, had been in love with Ana for over half a century, Liam and the rest of their small pack had recently come to North Carolina and united her pack with theirs. And the poisonings had started up again. The APL had targeted any humans associated with shifters or anyone they thought meant something to shifters. I appreciate it. The guy she was out with tonight left his car right off the highway.