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Sixty-five episodes aired in syndication simultaneously with the official second season in At the start of the third season in , the show was renamed to Slimer! At the end of its seven-season run, episodes had aired, including the syndicated episodes and 13 episodes of Slimer!

They include random episodes and no extras.

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Time-Life released the complete series in a single disc box-set collection on November 25, Sony only released a 2 disc set featuring all 13 episodes from Season 1 in Australia and the UK. It's business as usual when the Ghostbusters entrap a family of Class Fives - an irritable dad, a doting mom and a dumb baby. Unfortunately, when Slimer tries to sneak some food without permission, he accidentally ensures that the Class Fives' stay won't even last through the night. The newly freed family are now out for one thing - revenge. Soon enough, Ghosts 'R Us hits the scene and their "successes" make the guys look second-rate at every turn.

The Ghostbusters may soon be out of business, but when the ghost family attempts to finish the job, they unleash a force that endangers all of New York City. The first note of the CPT logo would overlap with the final note of the end credits theme. Note: The title card and Start-of-Act 2 bumper were silent, and only had Arsenio Hall's voice-over in this episode.

Afterwards, the former began using a 7-note jingle, trimmed from one of the music cues, and the latter had a 9-note jingle. These would also be used during the second ABC season.

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After a week-long lull, the Ghostbusters get a case and to a haunted house, no less. Ray takes the house's occupants - Mrs. Rogers and her pet bird - back to the firehouse for their own safety, while the others inspect the area. A variety of increasingly bizarre happenings do occur and Egon attributes it all to Watt, a powerful demon, disguised as a kindly old lady wh traps the Ghostbusters in a haunted house while it infiltrates the firehouse and attempts to break open the containment unit. The situation proves worse than they would've imagined, however, as Watt has a bigger plan than a mere haunting.

He possesses Peter in order to break open the containment unit. After being yelled at by Peter, Slimer runs away and gets mixed up with some very mean Poltergeists. The ghosts' leader then tries to absorb Slimer and hundreds of other ghosts into himself, making him invincible. A young Troll leaves his tribe, goes exploring and ends up in New York. While he has a good time, his tribe takes over the bridge and threatens to destroy the city if he isn't returned by sundown, using a group of flying, fire-breathing birds. The Ghostbusters have a hard time catching the Troll, but when they do they can't stand to separate the party animal from the city.

Instead, they convince the other Trolls he was turned into a statue when their Proton stream hit him. While the other trolls leave, the Ghostbusters send the young Troll to a friend out of town. Unfortunately, the children's parents aren't happy when the Ghostbusters barge into their homes in the middle of the night and ask them to leave.

To make things even better, Egon knows the Boogieman from childhood, and convinces the guys to go after him. But in order to stop him, they'll have to find another way to get to the Boogieman which leads them to a showdown in his realm. All over New York, people are falling asleep and their dreams are becoming reality.

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A rogue Sandman has plans to put everyone to sleep in order to bring peace to the world, despite that they will be asleep for years. Egon realizes how to beat him, but falls sleep before he can say it. One-by-one, Ray, Peter and Egon are put to sleep, until only Winston is left. Knowing that he can't stop the Sandman alone, Winston tries to figure out what Egon had realized, but couldn't say.

It is only with the help of Albert Einstein from Egon's dream that Winston is able to figure out what to do. He returns to the Firehouse where he tells Janine his plan. Janine falls under the Sandman's spell and falls asleep as Winston is cornered by the Sandman. In Janine's dream, she transforms herself into a Ghostbuster as she hits the Sandman from behind and, with the help of Slimer, traps him.

On the way back to the firehouse on Christmas Eve, the Ghostbusters unknowingly stumble through a portal to the past and into 19th-century Britain, where they run into Ebenezer Scrooge Peter Renaday and capture the three Ghosts of Christmas.

The Ghostbusters return to the present, find Christmas destroyed and quickly realize what happened. Without the three Ghosts of Christmas, Scrooge never learned his lesson and destroyed Christmas. Now the Ghostbusters must make sure that Scrooge learns his lesson, while Egon plunges into the Ecto-Containment Unit to rescue the three spirits, and return them to the past to rehabilitate Scrooge before the portal to the past closes.

When a group of subway construction workers accidentally uncover an ancient door, that is not meant to be opened until Doomsday , their persistence accidentally triggers the door's opening, which sends incredible amounts of poltergeist energy surging through the New York subway system, transforming the trains into worm-like monsters. The Ghostbusters are called in to deal with it, and Egon discovers that if they don't close the door soon, the entire world will be transformed into a twisted and barren wasteland of ghostly and demonic creatures that will replace all of humankind and civilization.

Slimer tries to earn money by becoming a bodyguard for a kid that gets pushed around by bullies.

But the bullies hire their own monsters to get back at Slimer, which turns out to be more trouble than they're worth. A woman Anne E. Whoever catches him will get named Ghostbuster of the Year. It eventually turns out that Hearst's ghost simply wanted his sled, called "Rosebud". Egon and Slimer switch minds—and the timing couldn't be worse, as an egomaniacal ghost named The Master of Shadows William Marshall wishes to test his wits against the brainy 'buster, and destroy New York if he fails to measure up.

A rip between dimensions allows a small friendly ghost to wander off into New York and Slimer decides to look after it. However, the ghost's parents come looking for their child, but the Ghostbusters do not know that and try to bust them. Count Vostak of Boldavia requests the Ghostbusters to join him at his castle.

It turns out a group of giant humanoid bats are terrorizing a local village, and the villagers are turning against Vostak because they believe him to be a vampire. What's more, is that Vostok IS a vampire, but the attacking bats don't belong to him. Ray and Slimer have been in a joking mood lately, but things are about to get worse when a magical box is opened and releases two imps that like to play deadly practical jokes. Note: In the original broadcasts of the season, the end credits were a minute long, and featured clips from the Slimer!

In international broadcasts, as well as on the Time-Life DVD, they're replaced with separate second end credits for both shows. A family of ghosts on vacation work to remove those they believe are interrupting their peace and quiet, including Peter, Winston and Slimer.

Full text of "[ Mark Fisher] Ghosts Of My Life Writings On Depre( Book"

Note: The title card is now superimposed with the first scene of the episode, which the Slimer! Peter falls ill, and Louis asks a doctor Stanley Ralph Ross he met two days ago to come and take a look. It turns out the doctor has sent them potato chips, which makes people allergic to ghosts, and only Peter has eaten enough of them. The doctor gives them more chips. The Ghostbusters don't know, but the doctor is a ghost and they have to develop resistance to the allergy. A trio of ghosts abduct Slimer and will keep him unless the Ghostbusters agree to free a ghost named Spiderlegs.

Looking through a photo album causes the Ghostbusters and Slimer to realize Janine has gone through numerous changes over the years. Some investigating shows that a supernatural force disguised as a fairy godmother Rosalyn Landor is the cause of it. The firehouse is the scene for a birthday party for Louis' nephew, Lawrence.

Louis wants to get him a good gift, but he inadvertently buys three toys possessed by ghosts. They take Lawrence to Toyland and the Ghostbusters have to rescue him. From July 5, to September 6, , Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have released most in the series in ten volumes, but released the entire fourth season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This, and "Something's Going Around", aired alongside a rerun of the Slimer! This, and "Partners in Slime", aired alongside a rerun of a Slimer!

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This, and a rerun of "Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood", aired alongside a rerun of a Slimer! This, and a rerun of "Troll Bridge", aired alongside a rerun of a Slimer! This, and a rerun of "Loathe Thy Neighbor", aired alongside a rerun of a Slimer! This, and "Future Tense", aired alongside a rerun of a Slimer! This, and a rerun of "Flip Side", aired alongside a rerun of a Slimer! This, and a rerun of a previous season episode, aired alongside a rerun of a Slimer! This, and a rerun of "Standing Room Only", aired alongside a rerun of a Slimer!

This, and a rerun of "Xmas Marks the Spot", aired alongside a rerun of a Slimer! Both versions tell the same story.